Neuer Instagram-Hit „Cellulite Saturday“

Deshalb lieben wir jetzt samstags Orangenhaut

Mit der einen oder anderen Delle an den Oberschenkeln hat fast jede Frau zu kämpfen. Das ist noch lange kein Grund, sich zu verstecken – im Gegenteil: Auf Instagram zeigen immer mehr Frau jetzt samstags ihre Cellulite. klärt auf, was hinter dem Instagram-Trend #CelluliteSaturday steckt.

Kenzie Brenna ist es leid, ihre Cellulitis zu verhüllen oder gar aus ihren Fotos zu retuschieren. Vor einigen Wochen begann die Kanadierin, auf Instagram samstags unretuschierte Fotos von ihren Dellen zu teilen und versah diese mit dem Hashtag #CelluliteSaturday. Die Aktion soll ihr selbst und anderen Frauen helfen, sich so zu akzeptieren, wie sie sind.

🌤 HAPPY SATURDAY MORNING ☀️ It's also #cellulitesaturday, I realize I didn't post one last week. But I sorta wanna try to make it a thing. The word cellulite still makes me cringe. It still makes me wanna run and hide and not come out and I have somehow lipsuctioned it out of me or try to dry brush it into the dark places of the universe. That's really not the fucking case. The only way to get rid of cellulite is to lose overall fat. With overall fatloss, your body may lose fat in the areas that you have celluli- AND HERES THE JOOCEY PART, YOUR BODY MAY ALSO ✨NOT✨ LOSE FAT FROM THOSE AREAS.💞 Because we cannot spot reduce (stop it, we can't, pls don't comment and say you can I'll just delete you misinforming people) you can't pick or choose whether or not you are a person who can reduce your appearance of cellulite. Notice how I said appearance. Appearance because cellulite LITERALLY translates to the appearance of fat cells. And because we will forever have fat cells at some percentage or another, for women (and some men,) you can't really avoid this baby. We all have it to some degree or another. It's not an indication of health or fitness level or self worth. ITS A COSMETIC "ISSUE." It's just a thing our bodies do. It's just a thing our bodies do. It's just a fucking thing our bodies do. It's that simple. And the beauty industry capitalizes on it. Imagine if a unicorn was chopping off its horn because it's culture says so. We would tell that beautiful unicorn that it's bananas for doing something like that. 🦄🌸💕 No. Just no. Like I said in my previous cellulite posts, it's difficult for me to accept, but I eat my greens, I drink my water, I foam roll, I'm at the gym 5x a week, I have Epsom salt baths, I've dry brushed, got "cellulite massages", tried creams and considered getting surgery. So don't tell me a way to "fix it." I'm over it 🙅🚫 #celluliteacceptance #endbodyshame #thisiswhatfitlookslike #boldandbeautiful

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Social Media als Therapie
„Ich nutze Social Media als Therapie“, erklärt Brenna im Interview mit „People“. Die 26-Jährige litt lange an einer Körperschemastörung. Sie nahm sich selbst als hässlich und entstellt wahr, konnte es nicht ertragen, ihren Körper im Spiegel zu sehen. Heute geht es ihr viel besser und sie setzt sich aktiv mit ihren Problemen auseinander.

When I was younger I was obsessed with writing and being an artist. I always thought you had to be thin to be an artist, a smoker, someone who drank their coffee back and like their red wine. I didn't believe otherwise. See a bit below: Toronto, ON Feb 8th 2012 I need to be honest. I need to write down what I truly feel or I will never be set free. To be justified in my integrity is what I should be aiming for. I am scared. I feel alone. I feel sorry for me. I am sorry for me. Why so stagnant and so moved at the same time? My past won't let me go but the future won't stop pulling me in her direction. Why do I feel so fucked with. I am still not crying. Think more. You are completely inadequate. He is so beautiful, you should see him. Read the pages of his story written inside himself. I want every thought, every memory, every what if, every oh well. I hope he remembers what could have been. I know he's dreamt it too. Remember the dreams. Remember the hopes. Red wine helps me tear the pages at night. Forgotten but never lost? Believes but doesn't do? It's as if I'm trying to think through my own thoughts. Maybe I need another mind, not another brain just another mind. I'm not always depressing, I do have moments where I feel infinite and abundant. I leave this entry with Shiraz stained lips and a heart that beats a little rough. Ever yours. Toronto, ON November 6th /11 Diet. Dieting. Raw vegan. Fasting. Shakes. Sit ups. I just want to get thin. I want to show everyone what I'm made of. I don't know how to make this effort different than the last. I don't want another diary entry saying this again. I feel like it's now or never. Really trying to think through my cravings. — I just keep counting. I keep thinking. I keep all of the photos. I don't think I'm going to get too obsessed. But maybe a bit? That's okay. Obsession in moderation. The thing is to keep tricking. Tricking people. Am I fooling myself. I want to try for 2 days and then we will see. ABC. Japanese. Ballet. 🌾 And those were my weird thoughts a few years ago. The ABC, Japanese, Ballet were some sort of undernourished diets I found online that I wanted to try. Oh Lordy. #lifechanged #spilledthoughts

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„Ich finde etwas, was mich unsicher oder verletzlich macht und poste ein Bild davon und schreibe meine Gedanken auf.“ Ihre Cellulitis war die erste vermeintliche Problemzone, die Brenna dabei in den Sinn kam: „Warum schäme ich mich für etwas, was 90 Prozent von uns haben? Cellulite ist normal. Die Schönheitsindustrie will nur Geld scheffeln, indem sie uns weiszumachen versucht, dass dem nicht so ist.“

Der Trend greift um sich
Mit ihren Gedanken ist Kenzie Brenna offensichtlich nicht allein. Ihre Idee schlug ein, wie eine Bombe. Immer mehr Frauen griffen den Hashtag auf und posteten auf Instagram eigene Bilder von Dellen und Speckfalten. Die Belohnung sind unzählige positive Kommentare und virtuelle Herzen. „Es bedeutet mir so viel, dass Frauen einen Teil von sich feiern, der seit Ewigkeiten ins Lächerliche gezogen wird“, freut sich die Gründerin des #CelluliteSaturday und wir können ihr nur zustimmen.

Outtake turned favorite shot for #cellulitesaturday hosted by my girl @omgkenzieee . She shared some seriously eye opening statistics this morning about the epidemic that is body image distortion plaguing our young people. I find so much value and passion in my work with young teen girls, teaching them the foundations of self love so that they don't wait until they're 30+ to start discovering how amazing they are with my nonprofit @girlphoria . We can make a difference by creating an open environment to talk about the expectations and the realities. I don't put bathing suits on and flaunt my body for attention or validation. I do it for the young girls and women trying to find someone that looks like them in a sea of photo shopped bodies. In short- body diversity. Representation of all the different ways you can look with emphasis that there is no right or wrong way🤔. This is why you'll find me sharing the parts of me that make me uncomfortable. So that I can provide peace for just one girl that she is worthy, cellulite and all. As always babes, just do you! Xoxo Allie

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